Peter Day’s planning application to build five ‘live/work’ hangar homes on Solent (Daedalus) Airport was recommended for refusal by Gosport Borough Council’s Planning Department at their planning meeting on 17 January 2018.

However, seven out of the 13 Councillors ignored their planning department’s advice and voted in favour of the scheme.

One of the councillors supporting the application. Cllr Wayne Ronayne, said, “Having looked through the proposal I think it is both an innovative and unique idea. The development would really put Solent Airfield on the map and I would support the proposal without reservation.”

The other six councillors voted against the scheme mainly because of the safety and security concerns of the airport manager. These were comprehensively addressed in a report and response letter written by an independent aviation consultant, which was on the planning portal but clearly had not been read by those councillors.

The chairman decided to defer the decision on the application until the next planning meeting on 28 February 2018.

“In the meantime, my planning consultant will send all the councillors the report and response letter by the independent aviation consultant so at least any safety and security issues will not be a consideration,” said Peter Day, whose company, Hangar Homes, is behind the application.

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